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June 17, 2024

Kwaku Asiedu was awarded a GSA Research Grants for his project aiming to investigate lineaments in Southwest Georgia using ERT. Congrats Kwaku!

June 15, 2024

Dr. Garing spent the week co-teaching the hydrogeology section of our Geology Field School with Dr. Adam Milewski. With activities planned daily on what ended up being a road trip around Georgia, the students got to learn a lot about heavy mineral mining and wetland ecosystems in the Southeast, the chemistry of springs and aquifer characterization for agricultural water use in the Southwest, and site characterization for CCS in the Northwest. It was a lot of fun and a fantastic learning experience.


May 3, 2024

Tracy Chukwuma successfully passed her prelim exam. Congratulations Tracy!

April 18, 2024

We had the great pleasure having Richard Esposito, program manager of geosciences and carbon management at Southern Company, visit the department of Geology and the Porous Media Flow Lab. 


April 11, 2024

Dr. Garing spent the last three days at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, where she was invited to attend Chiara Recalcati's PhD thesis defense, for which she was an external examiner. The doctoral dissertation entitled "Stochastic characterization of reactive processes in porous media" was co-supervised by Prof. Pietro de Anna (Environmental Fluid Mechanics, University of Lausanne) and Prof. Alberto Guadagnini (MIPORE, Politecnico di Milano).

Dr. Garing also gave a colloquium about Micro-CT in Geosciences while she was there.


March 3, 2024

We successfully deployed 900 m of fiber optic cable for DTS measurements in a wet cave. The project, led by undergraduate student Jay Mrazek, aims to assess the potential of using DTS to monitor the cave’s water influx and thermal regime. More information is available here! 


Feb. 23, 2024

We had the honor to host Ian Bourg from Princeton University and learn about his exciting research on the coupled hydrology and mechanics of fine-grained soils and sedimentary rocks combining molecular dynamics and macro-scale simulations. His group works on several other interesting projects. Find out more here! 


Jan. 29, 2024

We had the chance to advertise our program and the broad range of career paths with a geoscience degree to admitted first-year students and their parents at the UGA New Dawgs Program. We love geology and we love to talk about it.


Dec. 18, 2023

It was great to be back at AGU Fall Meeting (and have it be back in San Francisco), seeing old friends and colleagues, making new connections, meeting with students, and chairing the Environmental Vadose Zone Hydrology session. Thanks to everyone who contributed to make this year's edition so rich and memorable.

Left to right: Traditional hydrogeology dinner organized by Bo Guo (U. of Arizona) and Yashar Mehmani (Penn State) / With Yannie Donaldson (PhD student in our department) after her excellent oral presentation / DReAM (NSF IRES Project) team at AGU, with Co-PI Racha El Kadiri (MTSU) and 2023 partipicant Cameron Essex (MS student at U. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

RNI-Films-IMG-391D4644-8DCD-48D4-B61B-C00BF62BD96B (1).JPG

Oct. 27, 2023

Thank you to Dr. Jeffrey Hyman from Los Alamos National Laboratory for a fantastic Geology Colloquium on "The influence of multiple scales in fractured media on flow and transport properties". Check out the 3D discrete fracture network modeling suite he's been developping: dfnWorks.


Oct. 20, 2023

We were pleased to host Dr. Christopher Zahasky from the University of Wisconsin-Madison who talked about "The role of vadose zone on the fate and timing of PFAS contamination in groundwater systems" at our Geology Colloquium. Learn more about his great research here.

Sept. 9, 2023

Learning about water pollution with skittles was a big success at this year's Athens Water Festival.

Water Festival.png
Screen Shot 2024-01-17 at 3.54.11 PM.png

Sept. 1, 2023

Charlotte Garing was awarded a NSF Major Research Instrument (MRI) grant as principal investigator to support the acquisition of a high resolution x-ray micro-CT system with in situ capabilities.

The instrument, Sigray's PrismaXRM, will be installed at UGA late Spring 2024 and will advance critical research in a broad range of disciplines. More information about the award is available here.

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