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Oct. 27, 2023

Thank you to Dr. Jeffrey Hyman from Los Alamos National Laboratory for a fantastic Geology Colloquium on "The influence of multiple scales in fractured media on flow and transport properties". Check out the 3D discrete fracture network modeling suite he's been developping: dfnWorks.


Oct. 20, 2023

We were pleased to host Dr. Christopher Zahasky from the University of Wisconsin-Madison who talked about "The role of vadose zone on the fate and timing of PFAS contamination in groundwater systems" at our Geology Colloquium. Learn more about his great research here.

Sept. 9, 2023

Learning about water pollution with skittles was a big success at this year's Athens Water Festival.

Water Festival.png

Sept. 1, 2023

Charlotte Garing was awarded a NSF Major Research Instrument (MRI) grant as principal investigator to support the acquisition of a high resolution x-ray micro-CT system with in situ capabilities.

The instrument, Sigray's PrismaXRM, will be installed at UGA late Spring 2024 and will advance critical research in a broad range of disciplines. More information about the award is available here.

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